The Oaktree Group in Industry

Caotech from Wormerveer is a supplier of crushing equipment that was founded around the start of the new millennium The company has developed strongly in recent years and has since become one of the most important suppliers of crushing equipment in the food industry. Caotech has a strong international character. No less than 80% of the turnover comes from abroad.

To reduce distances, flawless and always-functioning IT facilities are an absolute must. A failure of the digital infrastructure, however short, could have major consequences. Caotech does not have to worry about that, because the delivery of all IT matters is in safe hands with the Oaktree Group. We provide security firewalls, VPNs and mail and endpoint security, virtualization, remote desktop services, Wi-Fi, cloud services and much more. And of course, support of the highest level is included.

The industrial market is a well-known domain for the Oaktree Group. Within this industry we also work for: