The Oaktree Group and housing corporations

The Oaktree Group and housing corporations

Complete ICT solutions under one roof

The smaller housing corporations have been doing it for some time: outsourcing their IT. Nowadays, more and more large housing companies are also recognizing the added value of full digital outsourcing. Because the possibilities and impact of IT are increasing at a rapid pace. And that also requires more expertise from the managing party.

In contrast to IT, housing corporations are not so quick to outsource their telecom. Unconsciously, or because corporations do not consider telecom important enough (anymore). The latter is a serious misconception. Telecom has countless modern and essential applications, which justify handing it over to a party that speaks your language – such as the Oaktree Group. Such as fixed-mobile integration, KCC integration, or making telecom reports, to name just three of the many examples.

Augmented or virtual reality for viewings

Also in the field of ICT the possibilities for strengthening housing corporations are almost endless. Consider, for example, the use of augmented or virtual reality for home viewings. Or sensors in a house that immediately ring the bell when there is a fault – homes are getting smarter! Responding directly to rent arrears, asking a tenant for feedback quickly after a repair or trying to speed up the flow of tenants: an awful lot is possible and much more is possible in five years’ time.

Remote IT department

At the Oaktree Group we recognize the importance of flawless IT and telecom. And more importantly: we also supply them. Our organization consists of a group of complementary ICT companies, which puts us in the reasonably unique position that we can offer a very complete ICT service. We supply just about every conceivable ICT application, tailor-made for your corporation. Always scalable and flexible. And of course 24/7 top level support. In this way, the Oaktree Group acts as your IT department remotely, but at the same time very close by.

The Oaktree Group already works closely with a number of leading housing corporations. We have in-depth knowledge of the industry and all relevant external factors. And we ensure that our expertise, just like the solutions we deploy, is always up-to-date. Your entire ICT is in safe hands with the Oaktree Group. That feels just as familiar as coming home.

Various housing associations have already learned that the Oaktree Group is the best answer to their IT issues. Below are some of them.

Among others, these relationships appreciate our passion for ICT