Application Development

Application Development is about supporting business processes and the mutual integration of applications. For example Unified Communications linked to an ERP package: a customer calls and the file pops up. The Oaktree Group develops the glue between the applications so that they work together perfectly.

Our promise

The Oaktree Group arranges for applications to work together optimally and flawlessly. Thanks to our knowledge in the field of automating customer processes and workflows within organizations, we can develop and manage applications for you for a fixed amount per month. The possibilities are almost endless.

Your benefits

The Oaktree Group provides customized solutions: our applications – and the way in which we use them – contain all the functionalities that are required within your organization. The applications that we build for you fit perfectly within the identity that your organization wants to carry out. For example, corporate identity elements can be seamlessly integrated. You can do business even more efficiently with Application Development from the Oaktree Group!