About Sencit

The Sencit experts offer added value to your organization by deploying the best and most suitable IT solutions. Driven, involved and flexible. Our customers appreciate that passion. It enables them to fully focus on their core business, working with the proven innovative products and services from Sencit. Customers can rely on our expertise.

About Apply

Apply is specialized in advising on, and implementing and managing complex, integrated speech and data solutions, in particular VoIP. With Apply as a partner, our customers have one reliable point of contact for all communication matters. At Apply, we strive for long-term relationships with happy customers.

About the Oaktree Group

The Oaktree Group is a solid and ambitious organization with a passion for ICT. We deliver cloud-based ICT and Unified Communications solutions. Precisely tailored to your organization, so you can perform smarter and more efficiently. We work mainly for medium-sized organizations, but of course we do not exclude anyone: flexibility is our middle name.

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Our Managed Services

No investments, no unpleasant financial surprises, the certainty of perfect, 24/7 service and the guarantee of hardware and software that is always up-to-date and excellently secured: these are our managed services in a nutshell. You can consider this as a kind of IT subscription service. We serve as your partner for a fixed, competitive monthly amount and we provide you with the best that ICT has to offer.

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