This is the Oaktree Group

The Oaktree Group consists of a group of complementary IT companies spread across the Netherlands. From our own data centers, we deliver infrastructure, cloud-based IT and Unified Communications solutions, precisely tailored to your organization. We mainly work for large and medium-sized organizations, but of course we do not exclude anyone. We strive to be as flexible as possible.

Speaking of flexibility: we also facilitate that. Our goal is to ensure that your organization can optimally communicate and (net)work. Our goal is to ensure that the people within your company have access to the data and applications they need at any time. Regardless of the location where they are at that moment and the time the clock indicates.

Managed services

Our services are often based on managed services. The biggest benefits for you as a customer of the Oaktree Group: no investments, no unpleasant financial surprises, the certainty of perfect, 24/7 service and the guarantee of hardware and software that is always up-to-date and highly secured. And if your organization needs it, we even act as an IT manager and provide consultancy. You ask, we run. And we think along, even if you don’t ask.

You can consider our managed services as an IT subscription. For a fixed and competitive monthly amount, the Oaktree Group offers you the certainty and comfort of the best that IT has to offer. Let us manage and arrange all your IT matters. Then you can focus on the things in which you excel. That should be a lot more pleasant.

Let us take care of your information technology

Thanks to our experience and knowledge, the Oaktree Group is in most cases able to identify the IT needs within your organization. We are happy to take on the role of your trusted advisor in order to integrate and streamline your information technology. We guarantee a suitable solution for every IT issue.

Our family members

The Oaktree Group family consists of four members: Apply, ProDyne, Sencit and MDRX:

Sencit Apeldoorn

Prins Willem Alexanderlaan 398B
7311 SZ Apeldoorn

Sencit Zaandam

Ronde Tocht 1
1507 CC Zaandam


Atoomweg 270
3542 AB Utrecht


Atoomweg 268
3542 AB Utrecht


Markerkant 1208
1314 AK Almere