Logistics & Warehousing and the Oaktree Group:
smart ICT solutions that help you reach your destination

ICT solutions in Logistics & Warehousing

The logistics sector is moving rapidly. Everything has to be faster, sharper, smarter and better. The days of gigantic stocks in warehouses are over; Just In Time is key. Customers no longer accept errors in the logistical process and want to be able to see, preferably in real time, where a shipment is located and what time the courier will arrive. And as if that change is not challenging enough, the sector also has to be more sustainable.

At the Oaktree Group, we don’t transport goods from A to B – we leave that to parties that are much better at it than we are. What we can do, however, is ensure that logistics service providers are ready for the digital transition. By ensuring a perfect infrastructure and the smooth transport of data. We explain exactly why in our free whitepaper (only available in Dutch)!

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Would you like to know more about what the Oaktree Group can do to get your logistics company ready for the road ahead? Download our free whitepaper here!

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